We offer education in groupleading, sociometry and psychodrama
Why Psychodrama
Psychodrama is an existential psychotherapeutic modality.
A genuine creative way of working with therapy, supervision,
personal and group development.
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We offer basic training in group leading,
psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy
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We present events from our organisations
and selected events from around the world
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Our Education


Psychodrama is a group therapeutic method that aims to create change in people's lives and behaviors

Sociometry is the study of group dynamics, the evolution of groups, and the network of relationships within groups
Group psychotherapy

A therapy where a group of people meet under the guidance of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another.

Conversations about Psykodrama

The leaders of the education presents the education and talks about psykodrama

Liat Ravon

Eduardo Verdu and Urban Norlander

Eduardo Verdu and Zena Geard


Why English

The Scandinavian psychodrama is a co-creation of Svenska Morenoinstitutet, Moreno Huset and Dansk Moreno Institut and we want to be sure that everyone understands. The language during the seminars will be Danish/Swedish/Norwegian and,  when needed, in English.

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