About Psychodrama

– A unique method for use in any situation where people meet in private, social or professional settings.

The complexity of being human in todays society has largely increased during the last decades.

 Society changes very fast influencing strongly our ability to relate to others. This is reflected in all arenas in which we humans interact, be it family, workplace or social contexts.The demands on both individuals and groups are increasing. And we need to develop our ability to deal with the complex reality.

Psychodrama is a genuine creative way of working with therapy, supervision , personal development and group development. It also develop your skills as a coach, actor and theater director. 

Psychodrama has a cognitive and a behavioral elements. When you as a participant participate in your own and the others psychodramas, you develop new sides of yourself. You increase your “role repertoire” and your ability to handle old and new situations in a more adequate way. The focus is on developing your resources so that you can enrich your quality of life by exploring the past in the present in order to be fully in charge of your future.  

Besides therapy psychodrama techniques are well applicable in schools, care, social work, organizational development, and not least for work with conflict management at individual and group level.  


More about psychodrama

Psychodrama is a creative method that has a therapeutic effect.

It is an action-oriented method where one can create something new through an appropriate action. Psychodrama is about getting to know oneselves through their relationships with other people in their surroundings, whether it is about close relationships or those of a more professional nature.

Psychodrama can be defined as the science that explores the “truth” by dramatic methods. It deals with interpersonal relations and private worlds.

We all have specific roles to fill whether it is as a partner, parent, friend, manager, colleague and therapist/coach with.m. These are social roles where both we and others have specific opinions and not least expectations about how to act in these. 

The core of psychodrama as a method is to put certain roles and situations from one’s own life on stage. In imp

ortant areas of life, one understands more of what happens by “playing out” the stage and the roles. By going back to what once happened and processing it, there will be an awareness raising and then a change can happen and “new” roles can be developed mao we can then start playing the “lead role” in our own lives. The game always takes place in a Her and Now perspective where both the past, present and future are included.

In the method there are many practical exercises, and these give each individual a unique opportunity to understand themselves, their actions and choices. One can explore one’s own communication, develop their role pertoar and create new alternatives of action. Once we understand ourselves and our roles, we can also understand what is happening between the individuals. Psychodrama as a method allows us to understand that interaction or lack of interaction in the relationships in a group and this thus gives us insight and understanding of group processes. Psychodrama is a group therapeutic method, and therefore the method is played out and developed in small or large groups.

The word psychodrama consists of the words psyche and soul, these are originally Greek. Psyche means soul and drama means action, and directly translated this means putting the soul into action.