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Collaboration - Co-reation

The scandinavian basic trainig in psychodrama sociometry and group psychotherapy is a collaboration and
Co-creation of Morenohuset in Norway the Swedish Moreno Institute and Danish Moreno Institute


Eduardo Verdu

Eduardo Verdú, T.E.P. MSc., and director of the The Moreno house in Oslo. He teaches, trains and supervises in psychodrama in Norway as well as throughout Europe where he also is a requested workshopholder and has been holding numerous amount of workshops for more than 25 years.

Eduardo is a board member of NBBE. He has been president of NBBE in two periods, vice president of Pafe for 8 years, leader of the supervision committee for 8 years and for the training committee for 4 years. President of FEPTO from 2014-2015, Vice-president of Fepto from 2015-2016 and leader o the membership committee from 2011-2013.

Liat Ravon

Liat Ravon has been practicing psychodrama since she was 16 years old and is passionate about spreading the method in the therapy world as a recognized form of therapy. She has studied Didactic Theater and Psychology for her BA degree at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel and taught theater as communication. She took her master's degree at the University of Copenhagen in Theater Studies with psychology as an option. She has read Psychodrama with Marcia Karp and has been taught by Zerka Moreno. She then continued her management education in Norway at NPI led by Eva Røine. Here she also took her CP where NPI was now led by Eduardo Verdu.

She has taught psychodrama in the Danish Psychologists' Association and has regularly had her own groups.

On a daily basis, she runs 2 clinics in Denmark in the company At Leve Livet, where psychodrama is used every day as a monodrama, ie. one to one therapy.

She also combines psychodrama with NLP and hypnosis.

Zena Gaerd

Zena Geard is a certified Psychotherapist (EAP), a Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor in Psychodrama, and is a certified Family and Couples Therapist. She has a Master`s degree in Systemic Family Therapy (MSc). She has worked in private child care and at the Family office in Moss and she now works in private practice.

Zena offers counseling for individuals, couples and LGBTQ+. Her fields of expertise are Trauma and Sexuality. She has given workshops internationally on Psychodrama and is also an experienced facilitator in the fields of team building, leadership development, and mediation.

As well as running her own company, Zena is on the board of several national and international organizations. Zena has given lectures on her research "How is participating in BDSM experienced as impacting on the relationship?" for Masters classes at VID University and at the Family Office.

Urban Norlander

Urban Norlander,Psychodrama Director TEP (Trainer, Educator, Practitioner by NBBE), Coach (ICF). Trained supervisor in psychosocial work at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University.

Urbans main interest in psychodrama is sociometry and has been trained by, among others, Ann Hale. He is a major contributor of psychodrama in Sweden where he has practised for more than 25 years. He has long experience as an actor, director and theater teacher with the theatre of the opressed as speciality.

Urban is the chairman and a trainer of Swedish Moreno institute and represents the institute at NBBE (Nordic Baltic Board of Examiners). He has conducted numerous trainings on psychodrama at Karlstad University. He has also developed applications of psychodrama in education