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The following books are course literature in The Basic Education

Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama

Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, and Social Workers
Author: Scott Giacomucci
  • Is the first book on the intersection of the fields of social work, sociometry, and psychodrama
  • Provides an overview of integrated sociometry and psychodrama tools into practice
  • Summarizes Moreno’s work on sociometry, psychodrama, and group psychotherapy
  • Is an open access book.

Springer. 2021
ISBN: 978-981-33-6341-0
Sidor 416

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Praktiskt psykodrama

This is the Swedish translation of Acting in

Author Adam Blatner

Sidor: 174

Acting in

Practical applications of Psychodramatic methods.

Psychodrama can be one of the most powerful tools used in psychotherapy. Charmingly illustrated with a wealth of case examples, this volume presents current training techniques and shows how to use them, whether as a complement to traditional verbal approaches, in individual or group therapy, in educational or community settings, or in many other contexts. Thoroughly updated and expanded, this third edition reviews the most recent developments in psychodrama theory, clarifies various new psychodramatic processes, and features extensive new references and an updated bibliography. In this volume, Dr. Blatner continues to provide the best practical primer of basic psychodramatic techniques.

Author Adam Blatner

ISBN: 1-85-343-367-5
Sidor 174

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Psykodrama og sosiometri i praksis

– personlig frihet, par i samspill, den skapende gruppe

Fagspesialisten AS, 2004
ISBN: 82-992929-5-6
Sidor 307

Author Gro Slettemark

Möte med Psykodrama

Filosofi Teori och Terapi

Author Lilian Borge

Denne boken handler om Psykodrama som del av et større metodesystem skapt av psykiateren Jacob Levi Moreno.  Mennesket oppfattes som et sosialt vesen med en medfødt skapende kraft og dermed mulighetene for å skape sitt eget liv gjennom spontane og adekvate handlinger. I denne prosessen står det skapende Øyeblikket sentralt. I psykodrama som terapeutisk og pedagogisk redskap er siktemålet å hjelpe mennesker i den aktive skapelsesprosessen av deres egne liv

Kolofon 2011
ISBN: 978-82-300-0828-7
Sidor 288


– Om å spille hovedrollen I sitt eget liv.

Artemis, 1992
ISBN: 82-992636-0-3 243
Sidor 243

Author Eva Røine

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The Living Stage:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Psychodrama, Sociometry and Experiential Group Therapy

Author. Tian Dayton 

An indispensable guide for all clinicians interested in experiential therapy, this book is a primer on psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy with step-by-step exercises.

Destined to become a classic for any experiential therapy library, this is a basic primer on psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. With a foreword by Zerka Moreno, wife of the late J.L. Moreno, the father of experiential therapy, the book gives clinicians the tools to understand the theory and practice of experiential therapy. Filled with client stories, Moreno’s theories in his own words, plus step-by-step exercises they can use in their own practice, the book makes experiential work manageable for the clinician.

It also includes specific exercises that integrate trauma, grief and addiction theory and a brand new model for understanding trauma and addictive relationships.

The handbook of psychodrama

This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of psychodrama for professional and trainee psychodramatists. Following an introduction to the history and philosophy of psychodrama the theory is then brought to life by detailed first-hand accounts of psychodrama sessions. The structure of the book innovatively reflects that of the classic psychodrama session – Warm Up, Action, Sharing and the subsequent Processing. Chapters on psychodrama in action include discussion on the new use of psychodrama in the treatment of depression, and the relationship of the discipline to other group psychotherapies. The contributors vividly illustrate the contribution dramatic improvisation can make to emotional health.

Authors: Marcia Karp, Paul Holmes, Kate Bradshaw Tauvon

Routledge, 1998,
ISBN: 0-415-14846-4
Sidor 305

The theatre of spontaneity

J. L. Moreno wrote books, chapters and articles about psychodrama. His writing, like the method he pioneered, is rich and complex. Many students, practitioners and participants around the world have encountered MorenoÕs work in action; however, fewer people may have had the opportunity to read and think about the Ôwords of the fatherÕ due to the limited availability of key texts. A desire to ensure MorenoÕs work is available to the widest possible audience inspired members of the North West Psychodrama Association to work together to re-publish the books in this series. We hope by doing so J. L. MorenoÕs words will continue to reverberate across time and space: inspiring new generations of practitioners to be as creative and spontaneous as is possible whilst managing the complexity of modern day practice.

Author: JL Moreno

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B009AP0Z24
Publisher ‏ : ‎ null; Fourth Edition (January 25, 2012)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 142 pages

The essential Moreno

Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity

This handy volume collects the best and most important writings of J.L. Moreno in one concise and accessible place. This unique collection explores Moreno’s thought in developing psychodrama and sociometry, with his strong emphasis on spontaneity and creativity. The book discusses both basic and advanced concepts and techniques of psychodramatic treatment. Thte reader will find extensive examples from Moreno’s own cases containing verbatim transcripts that illustrate the give-and-take between Moreno, his patients, and the audience observers. Jonathan Fox introduces the book with a brief overview of Moreno’s life and ideas and places him in the context of his time and in the field of psychotherapy. Fox’s notes throughout underscore significant aspects of the selections for the practitioner and student.

Author: Jonathan Fox N.Y.1987
ISBN: 0-8261-5821-8

Foundations of psychodrama

History, theory and practice
A companion to his now-classic Acting-In (Springer, 1996), Foundations of Psychodrama presents a framework for integrating psychodrama with other methods of practice. The third edition, developed from a 1985 monograph, had wide appeal to students and practitioners of psychodrama as well as functioning as a fresh stimulus to psychotherapy, education, pastoral counseling, and other helping roles. This fourth edition takes account of the increasing work in the field in the 12 years since the last edition and includes a good deal of new material designed to present a more specific rationale for the use of psychodramatic methods while constructing a more logical sequence of events. Dr. Blatner has made a great book even better.Author’s Website


Author: Adam Blatner
Sidor 200